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Syntexys Document Science Platform™

Everything we do is powered by the Syntexys Document Science Platform:

Advanced Probabilistic Core

Built on statistical NLP and machine learning, Syntexys is highly adaptable. Leave brittle hardcoded rules behind.

Artificial Intelligence

Further leverage extracted data with Syntexys's advanced reasoning modules.

Semantic Extraction

Legal concepts, parties, dates, amounts, and more are extracted instantly.


Teach the system to extract new information with easy training tools.

Zero-Touch Mass Loading

Load thousands of signed contracts with no manual effort.

Syntexys Contract Analytics

Syntexys Contract Analytics is a general-purpose but domain-trainable contract analytics product built on the Syntexys Document Science Platform.

Semantic Search

Text search is yesterday. Search by abstract legal concepts, parties, and more.


No more manual contract summary spreadsheets. Syntexys's automated interactive reports are sourced directly from your contract language.

Risk Analytics

Leverage extracted knowledge to evaluate risk of individual contracts or across the enterprise.

Pretrained on Standard Clauses

We've pre-trained the system on many standard contract clauses, so you can get up and running faster.


Syntexys can also provide custom services to fit your unique Document Insight Automation needs.


We know integrating new systems in an enterprise can be challenging. Our team has deep experience helping customers get off to a good start.


Need help with your digital transformation efforts in contracting? We will help you to make your project a success.

Custom Platform Development

Have another document analytics use case in mind? We can help you make the best use of the Syntexys Document Science Platform.

Syntexys founders

Who We Are

Syntexys’s founding team has deep, complementary skills in applied NLP and machine learning, computational linguistics, law, and business.

Origins at Airbus

Syntexys began at A3, Airbus’s Silicon Valley innovation center. After two years working with teams across Airbus, we have acquired and are now commercializing the technology we built there.

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